Our refrigerants includes new environmentally friendly refrigerants and ultra-low temperature refrigerants.

The refrigerants we are supplying include single material product and mixted material product. These refrigerants do NOT contain any component that may destroy the ozonosphere and they are very efficient--the temperature could down to -150 ℃ for the refrigeration. These refrigerant are in accordance with the EPA, SNAP and UL standard therefore they are very kind to the environment. Now they are widely used in ultralow temperature devices such as the environment test device, freeze drier, ultralow temperature frige etc.

  • R-41 (Methyl Fluoride): 99.9%, ODP=0.
  • R-161 (Ethyl Fluoride): 99.0%, ODP=0.
  • R-116 (Perfluoroethane): 99.9%, ODP=0.
  • R-600a (ISOBUTANE): 99.95%, ODP=0.
  • R-290 (PROPANE): 99.0% or 99.5%, ODP=0.
  • R-134a (Tetrafluoroethane): 99.9%, ODP=0.
  • R-50 (Methane): 99.9%, ODP=0.
  • R-170 (Ethane): 99.0% or 99.5%, ODP=0.
  • R-1150 (Ethylene): 99.95%, ODP=0.